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The First Batch of Alumina Products Were Produced by the Zunyi Project of CPIC, Designed by Guiyang Aluminum and Magnesium Engineering & Research Institute (GAMI)


At 14 o'clock on June 10th, the aluminum hydroxide calcinator of the alumina project of CPIC Guizhou Zunyi Industrial Development Co., Ltd. designed by GAMI was successfully discharged, and the first batch of alumina products was produced, which marks that the project process is fully connected.

The first phase of the project is 2 million tons of bauxite and 1 million tons of alumina, in which the Bayer process is used. The high-pressure grinding rolls (HPGR) finished grinding system and aluminum hydroxide calcinator are the EPC projects implemented by GAMI.

Since the project was officially commissioned, GAMI has actively communicated with the end user and dealt with on-site issues in a timely manner. The main and auxiliary systems such as thermoelectricity, alumina production area, red mud yard, and coal-to-gas have been successfully put into operation as planned, laying a solid foundation for the smooth completion of the whole process.