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Research & Development

CHALIECO sticks to the strategy of independently conducting technology innovation, attentively focusing on the research and development of new process, new technology, new materials and new equipment of non-ferrous metals, perceptively leading the development direction of technology for non-ferrous metals industry in China. Under the leadership of CHALIECO, the four Grade A design & research institutes and the one survey and design institute have undertaken nearly 100 national key research projects in the past 60 years, which greatly upgraded technical level of Chinese non-ferrous metals industry, enabling China to stay among world front rank in terms of the aluminum industry technology, particularly, the aluminum smelting technology. As of September 30, 2011, these institutes have in total won 70-plus national awards and 500-plus ministerial/provincial awards for science and technology progress, possessing more than 2000 domestic and international issued patents. In recent years, CHALIECO has made some important achievements in recycle economy and low carbon economy by strenuous promotion of energy conservation and emission reduction technologies.